Feel the heat between Chaos and Solomon

She slipped her small body between him and the door, wrapping her arms around him. The softness of her breasts pressed into his chest and the need to run and hide, to bury himself in another time multiplied through his blood at lightening speed. The fire it created burned through his skin and right into hers igniting imminent escape between them. They clawed at one another’s clothes, tearing off the barriers blocking their way to freedom. The only way out was inside. Inside the sweat and cries of passion, inside the searing heat that would devour his cock with a … Continue reading

Desecrating Solomon III is here!

If the driver stopped, then it would be the sign she needed. It meant she should go on. Do the thing that seemed right. She stumbled along the side of the road, her arm shaking with the brutal weight of longing in her body. Longing for life and love. And Solomon. She closed her eyes when the tears stung them. Please don’t stop, please don’t stop, she hoped to herself. No, that was selfish. They should stop. They should stop and end it all. The vehicle slowly rumbled past. She watched out of the corner of her eye, relief and … Continue reading

It’s coming! Desecrating Solomon 3

She kept her gaze lowered trying to poke holes in her skin with her nails, scratch the surface off so the evil of who she was, what she’d been made to become, could escape. “My mother …” she licked her lips and tried to pull her hands free of his. “Don’t,” he whispered, holding them tighter. “Let me be with you in this.” Chaos’s heart hammered at her instincts. They said don’t dirty him. Don’t let his hand touch the unclean things. Keep him pure, protect him from the darkness in you, around you. She forced herself to allow him … Continue reading

See what’s coming with Desecrating Solomon 3

The elevator opened to the third floor and it was like entering an elementary school at Halloween. They were greeted by a main desk, decorated with every manner of festive decor. “We’re here to see Agnes Jones,” Solomon said. “Visitors?” the serious red-headed woman asked, eyeing him over a pair of thick rimmed glasses. “Yes ma’am. Of the family. Friends of the family. We called ahead?” “Yes, I see it,” she muttered, chewing her gum and typing loudly on the key board. “Down that hall on the right,” she nodded in the direction making her orange pumpkin earrings fling about. … Continue reading

Reginald Bones (part 4) –

\\\ REGINALD BONES  Part 3 Reginald Bones (part 4) in edits Bones knew there was something about the page that Reggie opened. Something … problematic. He wanted very badly to say bad but he’d agreed to drop the negative routine. At realizing they were in a type of chat room, Bones fought his response, not wanting to get questioned over a racing pulse. It would be hard to pass it off on Reginald who only gave several docile hmmm … hmmms so far. There was a time Bones thought Reginald hid his true feelings but he learned it just wasn’t his characteristic. Reginald had … Continue reading

The Burning Bush

So, my friend tells me, “The bush is on fire and so we packed the car to leave just in case.” My first visual is this Not This And I wonder why are you leaving because there’s a bush burning? Unless it’s like The Burning Bush and then I’d get why they were packing the car and leaving. Then I remembered she’s from “Down Under”  Anyway, as you all know I suck at following through with blog commitments. But, keep trying is my motto. Plow forward. Which brings me to the time change that happened today. Before I lost an … Continue reading

  • Note:

    I usually refer to males as the more dominant and females as the more submissive. The intention is NOT to say that ALL relationships should fit that pattern. My relationship experience is with male dominant, female submissive arrangements and that is the only sort of relationship I have firsthand knowledge about.