Reginald Bones 3 – Meet X snippet

Bones 3 X teaser

REGINALD BONES 3 MEET X ***SNIPPET*** X fought to focus his mind. It was every-fucking-where but especially on the smell of her. The sight of her with her legs open, fucking his finger. Her pretty face in agonizing pleasure. He couldn’t decide if he wanted to torture her with 0 orgasms or 100. Fucking God almighty he felt drunk and he’d not touched a drop in years. What he wouldn’t give to have one drink. He never did, he never risked doing it and fucking up his plans. But with her in the equation, everything changed. More than he realized … Continue reading

Reginald Bones 3 – Releases FEBRUARY 28!

Bones 3 teaser

Reginald Bones 3 ***SNIPPET*** “I just need to get something clear before we begin,” she said, holding up a hand. The gesture was assertive but her tone implored with him. “What’s that?” he asked, leaning back in the chair, clasping his hands behind his head. “Whatever I do with you… is… like a job to me.” He stared at her, giving in to the smile. “Okay,” he said easily. “And you get to ask me a question and I get to ask one?” she checked. “Well… technically, you owe me an answer to a question. I gave you a clue … Continue reading

Worm Your Way Into A Surprise Ending – review by Kairee

surprise ending

5.0 out of 5 stars Yes, Yes, Yessss !  By Kairee Erwin on February 21, 2017 The story is even crazier this time around. Bones decides to try and allow Reggie to have his girlfriend even Bones loathes the idea. Winter worms her way into their life and is determined to find a way to understand them and in her own way help. She makes a point to remind herself that they are one person not two, but that’s not as easy as it seems. Just when it seems that there is going to be a break through for Reginald and Bones, everything … Continue reading

On The Edge of Healing Demons – review by Dixiebear

Healing demons

5.0 out of 5 stars Just finished the 1st book, had to read the 2nd right away. On the edge of my seat!!!! By Dixiebear on February 20, 2017 How would you deal with one man, who you love being of two separate minds, one loves you and the other hates you. You have your own demons to deal with, but because of this man and the desire to heal him, he ends up giving you the reason to live. Reggie and Bones switching from one man to the other, creating a drama of suspense and danger. Winter, she is willing to do … Continue reading

Torturous Mind Bender – review by Sandra

torturous mindbender

5.0 out of 5 stars Reginald Bones is Driving Me CRAZY!!!  By Sandra Cohen on February 19, 2017 But I believe that is the idea…This Steamy, Hot, Mind Bender takes me on a trip of something like having whiplash! Reginald, and his sweet persona, Bones with his wit and hidden danger. While Winter is as mixed up as the both. But what Lucian Banes does with his stories is absolute sweet torture from page to page. He dangles piece by piece in front of you, making you salivate for more! I say…JUST GIVE ME REST…I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! (And I say that … Continue reading

Bones is Dream Evoking – review by vlbksf

evoking dreams

5.0 out of 5 stars Opps!! He did it again……. By vlbksf on February 15, 2017 I read this in one sitting, fell asleep with this book on my mind. Mulling it over and cursing Lucian for the ending #%@! I wanted to tear my hair out! But the strangest stuff happened. I dreamed I was Winter that night. I have never had that happen to me (that I can recall) so vividly about a book. I felt her emotions, her thoughts, her dreams and pain. I felt eyes on me as well, whose though is a mystery. Wow, what a story to … Continue reading

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