Dark Finds Light, Hate Finds Love – review by Jessica

dark, light, love, hate

5.0 out of 5 stars Phenomenal emotions By Jessica on March 10, 2017 Format: Kindle Edition What in the world happen to just writing simple dark stuff.. Lucian bane goes beyond any line drawn in Reginald Bones series… The adventure while twisted and crazy is heart wrenching and soul deep… You feel the emotions down to your bones..quite literally…sometimes feeling more than one emotion at a time but always find your self coming back for more…I my self went from deep emotional pain to love and support but no matter what the scene was you know within the first couple of words how … Continue reading

Intensely Dark and Amazing – review by Daria

intensely dark armazing

5.0 out of 5 stars Bones 3, Dark Intense Amazing! By Daria on March 9, 2017 Format: Kindle Edition Lucian Bane the man, the writer the mind bender. Once again he puts out a story with so many layers to it as you read, you feel like you’re the one being slowly revealed. As you read the third book in this amazing series you will get a better look at Winter and Bones. Reginald is their if only in the actions of Bones. Winter shows strength that is unimaginable as she seems to not only stay but acts almost as a calming agent … Continue reading

Twisted Beautiful Perfection – review by louise

twisted beautiful perfection

5.0 out of 5 stars Twisted,beautiful and absolute perfection ~ By louise hunter(Books All things paranormal and romance) on March 8, 2017 Format: Kindle Edition Reginald Bones 3 Holy head swinging,well I just got knocked sideways! Breathtaking and emotionally on fire the words that flowed through this book just grab you insanely hard,the love the anger the world being out of your control is almost to much to handle but you hold on to each and every word. The touch the feel the emotion that breaks into your heart is surreal but you want more. You can feel yourself in the depths of … Continue reading

Poll: Battle of the Books Round 2, Week 1

Results Wk 5 Battle of the Books

  Round 1 has ended. By default, Reginald Bones 3 is moving into Round 2. This time you’ll get 3 books per week…and I’m such a nice guy, you still get to CHOOSE 2 After that, DROP A COMMENT LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF THIS WEEK’S CHOICES as you can see, the books are chosen by random.

The Next Chapter, a Hangover – review by Nanners

book hangover

5.0 out of 5 stars NEXT CHAPTER, PLEASE… By Nanner’s on March 2, 2017 Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase This third installment is SO good. I am left with a huge hangover. Not necessarily a bad hangover. I just cannot get these characters out of my head but, especially my heart. I love Winter and Bones together. I love that they are (accepting) of each other’s baggage, eventually letting the feelings come through to give them both something beautiful. That we as the reader never imagined nor did the characters. But, I am so glad you went there. Even though this is a dark … Continue reading

A Wild Carnival Ride – review

A Carnival ride

5.0 out of 5 stars Best yet By Kindle Customer on March 4, 2017 Format: Kindle Edition This story is like going to a carnival. Racing to one of the thrilling rides. I choose the one that’s padded, circular,has harness to strap you in. You get strapped it and the door slowly closes. The light is dim but your able to see other characters faces. With a jerk the room starts a slow spin, as you turn each page the spin picks up. By the time you hit the middle of this book your in full spin. The velocity of gravity is holding … Continue reading

Emotionally Kidnapped – review by Denise

emotionally kidnapped

5.0 out of 5 stars Are You Serious? By Denise Van Plew on March 5, 2017 Format: Kindle Edition This author loves to torture his readers. He basically kidnaps them, holds them hostage, pulling on their emotions through each page. Bones and Winter will take you on a bizarre trip. Their relationship is so unique that oddly enough they do work. He is a puzzle that is working itself out with finally finding a bit of lovin that when they are together will melt everything around them. I keep telling myself I will not read another one but can not resist as it … Continue reading

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    I usually refer to males as the more dominant and females as the more submissive. The intention is NOT to say that ALL relationships should fit that pattern. My relationship experience is with male dominant, female submissive arrangements and that is the only sort of relationship I have firsthand knowledge about.