A Piece of the Reader’s Heart Spilled on the Page – review by louise

Nup you can not get any better,this story just blew,twisted and made my mind alive and on fire. You know I couldn’t wait to see what happened to Winter,Reginald and Bones,well, face slap take that! My whole world was turned upside down and it couldn’t be any better or exciting.
These characters just ooze love,lust,naughtiness,sex,sweat and orgasms with out doing anything at all!
But mostly this book has a story like no other I have read. It touched parts of my mind and soul I have kept closed off,this story has a little bit of every part of human life inside it,it’s like this author literally has a tiny piece of our hearts inside this book without us even knowing and without the author knowing us,to do this is one of a kind I never thought in a million years I would love this story like I do.
If it’s not your normal read,please take a chance step outside your comfort zone,I promise you will not be dissapointed!
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