A Wild Carnival Ride – review

on March 4, 2017
This story is like going to a carnival. Racing to one of the thrilling rides. I choose the one that’s padded, circular,has harness to strap you in. You get strapped it and the door slowly closes. The light is dim but your able to see other characters faces. With a jerk the room starts a slow spin, as you turn each page the spin picks up. By the time you hit the middle of this book your in full spin. The velocity of gravity is holding you in place. The floor has dropped down and Others have removed their harness and are doing flips , but your so intent on staying put . Not wanting to disrupt any part of this ride. Page after page you feel your excitement stirring , the adrenaline pumping through your veins wanting to know how this ride will end. The floor comes back into place , the spin slows down and everyone is harnessed back in as the end nears. You exit this ride a little light headed but with a smile on your face and look forward to the next promised ride.
Out of all three books that I’ve had the pleasure of reading this is the one I couldn’t put down . It’s a mind twist with sweetness, badgering, fun with a sweet ending and cliff hanger.
Mr. Bane has again shown his ability in telling a great story , unlike any other.
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