Amazon Review: Reginald Bones – by Annie Walsh

on December 26, 2016
Reginald Bones is a real page turner that will make you a Lucian Bane fan if you aren’t already one. This psychological thriller contains two men, Reginald and Bones, inhabiting the same body in a way that is intriguing and cleverly written. The story flows so well that you actually forget they share the same body and see them as completely separate characters. Their dynamic is riveting and at times quite humorous as you witness their banter. Things get very interesting when the author throws into the mix a woman that is desired by one and loathed by the other. Reginald and Bones are masterfully created to complement and challenge one another. You simultaneously get to experience Reginald realizing his feelings for this woman while Bones is literally whispering in his ear how disgusted he is. The author really does a fantastic job creating anticipation while giving you heated moments, lustful encounters and gut-wrenching despair. He dangles the promise of revealing secrets while stringing you along through the lies, deceit and desperation of his characters. I would highly recommend this book and I am anxiously awaiting the next installment.
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