Amazon Review: Reginald Bones – by Aura Matei

on December 23, 2016

I received this book in exchange of my honest review. Thank you so much!

OMG this book was INSANE!!!! I love it and I need more, so much more!!

Reginald Bones is a different book with a topic that will blow your mind and make your imagination work really hard. One awesomely-sexy body that contains two opposite personalities, each one with its desires and lifestyle; darkness and light, good and bad mixed in one sweet package.

All good, until they start talking at the same time. That’s when the problem appears .In the beginning it was a little difficult for me to understand them and see them separately but when I did see the differences between them I was amazed. It made me curious to actually see that kind of behavior and analyzes it. Crazy, huh?

As if that wasn’t enough, their life changes dramatically when a woman crosses their path. One of them wants her, the other hates her and then the real fun starts!:)

An original story like I have never read and it is crazy beautiful. I liked the writing style, it’s catchy and addictive and I loveee it! The end was shocking making me eager to read the next book.

One thing it’s for sure: this author knows how to write sex scenes. My God, they were so intense and twisted. I can’t say enough words to explain how much I enjoyed this book. It has everything : gorgeous cover(seriously , that guy looks exactly like I imagine Bones, hot and bad ), awesome story and the ending will make you want to scream for more!

I will surely read many more books written by this talented author and I highly recommend it!

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