Amazon Review: Reginald Bones by Azz

on December 26, 2016

Reginald Bones

Maybe death doesn’t have to be the end …. maybe death could be just the beginning … maybe, just maybe, it can save you … be prepared to be amazed, hold on tight, it’s a fast ride !

Everyone has that inner voice, we all have that voice in the back of our mind, the part of us that offers countenance to our inner thoughts and musings and sometimes we listen to that voice to let it guide us.

Reginald Bones is no different, he has an inner voice it offers no countenance. Bones, the voice at direct odds with him, in every way. Pulling from him, everything he will not allow and yet Bones cannot be denied, he is an intuitive soul.

Reggie is a man sheltered from the normality of life and yet he deals with the most harshest of our emotional spectrum. Death … producing the ultimate emotion, the ultimate sadness, stripping us bare, revealing our need.

Winter Rose … captured in a life she detests, doing things that she hates, for the love of her brother, the love that keeps her returning to his soul, where upon we encounter the revelation of the connection between her and her brothers death. Exposed, we come to understand the vile pain she deserves, deserving the bitter side of life, the wretched shadows of her soul pull her ever deeper and closer to Reggie or would that be closer to Bones ?

This clever concept of the voice within being able to take primary lead and yet take a back seat at other times is quite genius in this psychological thriller. Can Iove grow from the darkness within ? from the deepest recesses of our mind ? Do we need to be broken to understand the fractured ? To accept, that, which once divides us actually binds us ? This story reaches into the mind and raises many questions. An intense read, which brings you MORE of the inner mind of Lucian Bane.

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