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The first book that I read by Lucian Bane was Dom Wars, since then I have continued to follow his scribblings and read every other book he has penned. His words, descriptions and characters just drag you into the story and keep you there. You don’t want to fnd an escape, you want to remain in the world that he creates and just soak it all up. Reginald Bones is another one of those superb masterpieces that he throws out there for his readers to immerse themselves in. Not only does he spin his web like a spider, but he traps you in it, until he is ready to let you go.

Reginald Bones was unlike any story that I have ever read. A masterful web of mystery, intrigue and psychological twisting. This is the story of Reggie and Bones, two men sharing the one body, for a reason yet to be determined. I only know that when Lucian does reveal all, it is going to be one almight mind twisting reason. The fact that they share one body is rather bizarre, but it works – at times you completely forget this important fact of the story. There are definite differences between the two, once you comprehend what is actually going on, you realise that they are two completely different sides of the one man. A man, who is struggling with life in such a way, that any psychiatrist/psychologist would just love to study.

The one thing that Lucian does brilliantly is the conversations that Reggie and Bones have with each other – you would swear on a bible that they are two men carrying on a typical “man chat”. There were times that I simply had to put my book down so that I could finish laughing – it was that good. the one liners, the wit and all the sarcasm are definitely traits that Lucian has and he has brought these out in Reggie and Bones. In a word – the man is a genius. Oh, and who can forget the shower scene – that will always remain a classic in my eyes – hot and very very pantie melting – Lucian certainly knows how to bring a HOT scene into the mix!

But there is a third character to this story. Winter Rose Brown. A young woman living with heart wrenching guilt over the death of her brother, Sebastian. Atonement is what she is looking for and what she hopes to find through the “brothers”, but she might just get more than she bargained for. Quite ironic really, when Reginald falls in love her and Bones hates the very sight of her – this leads to some very interesting interactions.

In his own inexplicable way, Lucian has given his readers a thrilling suspense story that will keep hem on the edge of their seats. From a graveyard to a basement, the ride is beyond belief. Never have I read a book like this before and I expect, that when the series is over I never will again. It is totally insane just how magnificent this story is – one man, two minds, one woman – both loved and hated at the same time. It is amazing just how Lucian’s imagination works.

Brilliant introduction to a psychologically thrilling series that will have you wanting to read it over and over again. The more you read it, the more you begin to understand just how much of a complex story it really is. Now all that’s left to do is wait for Part Two. Thank you Lucian for the best book that I have had the pleasure of reading during 2016.

If only I could give it more than a FIVE STAR rating.

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