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12/6/2014 7:29:26 In Ruin, I am devastated. We lost a good character (Trying not to give away a spoiler here.) Why go that route?


Syrina, is this you? Hahaha.

Syrina is RUINED and obsessed about this question. Everywhere I go, she’s there, asking it in some form or another. She reminds me of Inspector Clouseau in a different disguise at every location.

Okay, if it’s not her, I do owe a fuller answer than I’ve given, so let me give it a shot. I always knew something major was coming in this story. If you read my journey with this book, you’ll know I was not entirely informed in advance of the things coming. I normally don’t write this way, but in this series, that’s been the case.

Well, as I was writing, Ruin, The Turning, I hit a major snag of mega proportions. More like a massive tree in the road with roots that blocked both my fictional and non-fictional path. Meaning, that sucker even branched into my real life. Well, there was no ignoring the snag, it had to be dealt with.

It was amazing, really, because in dealing with the snag in fiction it forced me to do something that was necessary in real life as well. Both solutions were very hard! I suffered with this one on so many levels. It was like a literal death in a sense, and the catatrophe slammed me in both realms, as the writer, and as a person too.

So the turn in the road was one I foresaw, I just didn’t see that just after the turn, was a cliff I was going to be asked to jump from. It had to be the most unanticipated “surprise” ever, because I did not see it coming. But when I did see it, I knew…. I just knew yes….yes, this is it. This is what was coming, holy shit. 

My guess is, had I known the outcome, I might have evaded something that was not supposed to be evaded? You know what I mean?

Anyway, that’s the reason I wrote what I wrote. The why that lies before it anway. There are more reasons that will be unveiled as I go that will clarify and justify this catastrophe. One that will somehow blow our minds more than the catastrophe did. I know this, I feel it, I even know a little bit of the details, but until I write it, I won’t have that holy fuck totality of it. And I’m actually very excited for that.

12/6/2014 7:37:49 I have an illness that inhibits be from getting a “real” job and since writing is my passion I have chosen to pursue this dream. Although my husband believes in my ability to write, he has expressed that he feels I am wasting my time chasing my dream because it hasn’t been profitable thus far. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can convince him otherwise?


Suggest you prove him wrong and show him the money. That will require you to be very good at what you do and hefty marketing skills. And that requires studying. There are no easy solutions and quickies in this line of work. There are chances that you write “a best seller” but it’s almost like gambling. Everybody is trying to write that bestseller, after all. You among a million. Literally. So, your ownly sure fire chance beyond the bestseller dream is working your ass off and carving your way organically. That means build your presence online, on all social medias. It means blogging interesting things and talking about more than your writing and books. It’s a real job, trust me. A full time one too. If you showed him the true success rate for Indie Authors, he will likely say, “see…you’re wasting your time.”

I hope that helps.



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5 Responses to Ask Lucian Anything (12-13)

  1. Jan Wade says:

    Thanks for explaining about The Turning, well kind of anyway, LOL. I’m very worried about the next part of the story because I don’t know if I want my mind blown more than it already was, but I know I’ll get sucked into the vortex again! In the meantime, I’m so excited for WKDA!

  2. angela peters says:

    I have to say I’m still gutted, I can’t warm to Sam at all and it’s not her fault, she’s a very I intriguing character who’s been thrown into the melee. On the flip side I’m totally looking forward to the next book. Keep em coming Lucian.

  3. syrina says:

    LMFAO! No it was not me but I fricking love this obsessed utter delight, like minds and all that! and they stole my question I have been asking for months!!

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