Autographed Scribbler Guardian Series

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4 Responses to Autographed Scribbler Guardian Series

  1. Lolita nettles says:

    That would be really cool to receive. How do we do it.

  2. Dana says:

    That would be awesome. What do I do? Also wondering what order all your books are written in?

    • Jan Kinder says:

      Hi, Dana,
      He wrote Dom Wars series, then Ruin, Scribbler Guardian, White Knight Dom Academy, Mercy, and Desecrating Solomon. Dom Wars is complete, White Knight is a spin-off of Dom Wars. Ruin, Scribbler Guardian still have books to come. The Mercy series is complete and Desecrating Solomon Trilogy has one more book to go, scheduled to release around the end of Oct this year.

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