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on November 3, 2016beautifully chaotic
Cuts Like An Angel is a beautiful, chaotic mess. It will hook you from the first page and leave you questioning your own sanity. The prose is morbidly dark and twisted, and you can expect back stories of the protagonists to be nothing short of soul shattering. I was teetering on an edge of an intense obsession to somehow not justify some of William’s twisted decisions. Everything about the book that is thought provoking also creates a whirlwind of emotions so thick that I often couldn’t figure out whether to listen to my head or heart on this one. I kept wondering if I’d been in those same situations, and had easy access to information that could keep me tethered to this life, would I really do it differently? There are just no words for how profound this book turned out to be. If there were more authors with this talent I’d say goodbye to reality forever.  It’s obviously a 5 star read and I cannot read the second installment soon enough. 
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