BONES BROTHERS 1   Get on the edge of your seat, because BONES BROTHERS takes off right where Lucian Bane left you hanging in Reginald Bones 3, on a CLIFF. Get your box of tissues, because there’s a reunion coming unlike any you’ve ever seen. Then you can get your nail-biting on because Bane packs this story with so many chills and thrills, you won’t know what hit you! And don’t forget about X. Wait until you see what this dude has in store.  What are you waiting for? JUMP IN!

We Are Officially Back Home

What a trip. We made it. What a mess still. But we’re at our home. We’re in our mess. Our fixer-upper. The kitchen is nearly redone. We’ve got the floor to finish installing still. New addition is all finished, minus a few things here and there. Every door and frame was warped–except the hardwood doors I bought– to my wife’s complaint at the time. “We don’t need these heavy, solid doors. The kids will get their fingers chopped off, we’re not living in a castle, bla bla bla.” “I don’t have to worry about them getting banged up with a … Continue reading

The Burning Bush

So, my friend tells me, “The bush is on fire and so we packed the car to leave just in case.” My first visual is this Not This And I wonder why are you leaving because there’s a bush burning? Unless it’s like The Burning Bush and then I’d get why they were packing the car and leaving. Then I remembered she’s from “Down Under”  Anyway, as you all know I suck at following through with blog commitments. But, keep trying is my motto. Plow forward. Which brings me to the time change that happened today. Before I lost an … Continue reading

Chances Are Catfishes

I had copied and pasted much of the post from the pandering defecations of Kyle Asspile and did a lengthy commentary on it. Then I removed all of it because it was a huge waste of time and space. I’ll sum it up with this one picture and a follow up with the moral of the story. The End     Moral of this whole Catfish story is this. Kyle formed a lot of assumptions and presented them as facts by doing one wrong thing. He based his deductions all on a Chances Are. Chances aren’t facts. And if you … Continue reading


Was going to post this as a comment on Sloane Howell‘s post and then thought wait one goddamn minute. I can USE this drama to help sell some books!!! Oh boy, I’m going to rack up.   Please don’t watch too closely as I use this cute little gimmick called “writing” It’s this thing they’re going around doing lately, writing stories, posing as authors. Selling books and stuff. Yes, it’s no secret I’m one of these great schemers. Clears throat.   —-   (Staring in the mirror, face twisting with epic drama) “GOD DAMMIT Logan!!! JUST OUT OF THE GATE … Continue reading


    A so called hero that likes hurting women. Degrading them. Using their body. Keeping them solely for their selfish pleasures.   By Webster’s dictionary standards, this is not a hero.   By Lucian’s dictionary standards, this is a coward. A little cockroach bitch cunt. This is a collection of moldy, pissyfied dust particles hiding in a suit of pwelly skin.   We’ve all had the pleasure of knowing somebody like this in real life. Not a single one of us would recommend our daughters to them for dating. Or anybody else’s. Not a one of us would say, … Continue reading

Contracts and Negotiations 101: The Devil in the Details

Everyone got their study hats on? Good. Last week we talked about what a BDSM, or relationship, contract actually is, and some of what it is not. This week, I thought we should hit on some of the terms that sometimes can be defined in different ways, because that’s where a contract can become the key to a fantastic relationship, or a nightmare on earth. Imagine, if you think of the word ‘discipline’ to mean ‘a denial of priveleges after one partner fails to do something both agreed upon’, but the other person thinks of ‘discipline’ to mean ‘beating the … Continue reading

Contracts & Negotiations 101

Contract. It’s one of the terms that gets tossed around a great deal when we’re talking about BDSM relationships. As we discuss BDSM, I think this is one of the basics we all need to understand. Knowing about negotiations and contracts can keep you out of a bad situation, or help you make your current relationship better. This series of blog posts is aimed toward giving us all a better understanding of contracts and negotiations as they apply to both vanilla and BDSM relationships, but other areas of life as well. Before you skip over, assuming this discussion has no … Continue reading

  • Note:

    I usually refer to males as the more dominant and females as the more submissive. The intention is NOT to say that ALL relationships should fit that pattern. My relationship experience is with male dominant, female submissive arrangements and that is the only sort of relationship I have firsthand knowledge about.