Crumbled, Twisted, Hurt, Mess – review by Azz

Cuts Like an Angel
on October 30, 2016

This wonderful collaboration between two of the most talented authors I’ve ever read, is simply astounding.

He is hurt, he is a crumbled mess of half the man he truly is. William, a most beautiful and strong but yet a tortured soul. A man so deserving of what life has to give and yet, he has only experienced the darker side of life.

She is twisted,a twisted mess of normality and hidden hurt, in her own swirling pool of pain, desperately trying to keep her head at the surface. A young woman with hidden depths, her own hurt pressing in to her very existence and if she doesn’t allow it purchase, it will never consume her.

Together, they are beautiful, they are a symphony to be heard and a wonderful story to be told. Through the pain, the sadness and the tears, they have found each other, this story holds far more than a ‘boy meets girl’ theme. This is a merging of what feels like two lives becoming one.

Struggling together and with the help of their beacon of hope – Josh, they can endure. They will endure and this IS their story. Compelling, gripping and emotionally charged, this book could almost be 2 existing lives, it felt so real. Exceptional talent. I loved its twists and turns and I loved the anticipation.

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