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He never called the helplines. The one time he did, it was to say goodbye … to anybody, before leaving the world. Rosie … that was her name. She’d given it when she wasn’t supposed to. She said things that made him burn to live.

And he would. He’d find a way to hide his darkness so that he could dance with her, just a single dance, in the liquid sunshine of her laugh.

And maybe … maybe he’d taste her. But only once.


“You don’t need to do this.” Rosie fought down the tremble in her voice with the anonymous caller. “And don’t you dare hang up again. I mean it.”

After many seconds, he whispered, “Or what?”Cuts Like An Angel Lucian Bane Mason Sabre

She shot up out of her chair. “Or … I will be very angry. And hurt,” she dared, no longer caring about how many professional lines she’d crossed. “I mean it. Tell me your name. I told you mine, now I want to know yours.”

“Rosie,” he finally whispered, like he pitied her. “Promise me you will be good to yourself. And not blame yourself. Promise me you will dream good dreams and make them come true.”

“I will not make that promise,” she declared, pacing. “And you will not hang up. You will do the right thing and march yourself to a hospital and get help.” She paused her steps and waited in the silence with her hand over her mouth, feeling his fingers slipping from her grasp.

“You’re crying,” he murmured in quiet awe.

Shit. She wiped her face with her arm. “Yes, I am,” she admitted with a nod. “It’s just … you have to believe me when I say there is hope. There is always a way … you just have to fight. God damn it,” she whispered, “what is your name?” If she could get that, she was sure it would give her more leverage.

“Rosie.” His voice broke in sadness, like he’d done all of that a thousand times over and was sorry—sorry none of them had worked. But sorry for her, not himself.

“Promise me you won’t do anything stupid,” she said softly. “That you will wait until tomorrow before you do anything and that you will not hurt yourself. Promise me that.”

The line clicked.



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