Dark Finds Light, Hate Finds Love – review by Jessica

on March 10, 2017
What in the world happen to just writing simple dark stuff.. Lucian bane goes beyond any line drawn in Reginald Bones series… The adventure while twisted and crazy is heart wrenching and soul deep… You feel the emotions down to your bones..quite literally…sometimes feeling more than one emotion at a time but always find your self coming back for more…I my self went from deep emotional pain to love and support but no matter what the scene was you know within the first couple of words how genuinely genus this author is… Yes the story is dark but with everything dark light can always shine through… The story goes into the disappearance of Reggie leaving two people who dislike each other on so many levels it’s funny how even through hate they are drawn together by some unseen force… You meet new characters that in my opinion I need more info on …(yes I know it’s part of the mystery but I’m impatient lol)
Plus I will say I hate cliffhangers not because the book wasn’t slam pack full but only because I’m (being honest ) totally impatient… But this series is totally worth every horrible agonizing wait time… Lol
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