Emotionally Shattered – review

on March 7, 2017

Quote,,,,. Crying for Bones, for his little pretend Reginald and even for X. X was Bones. Bones was X. Bones was Reginald. Her poor sweet Angel. Shattered. Just like X had said.

Growing up, there was a theme park, that had built the biggest rollercoaster, and they called it , The Beast.
IM. ON . THE BEAST!!!! BUT ?!?!?! I’m going to need therapy by the time MR Brat X Bane finishes this series. It’s THAT,,,,,AWESOME!!!! Even though this was supposed to be the final book in the series. Non of us, that are addicted to Reginald Bones, weren’t ready to say goodbye. The suspense is killing me though. We’ve got one that wants to love her , one that wants to hate her and one that wants to own her. Broken Together.

As soon as I think Lucian Bane has topped his last series,,,,,, he goes and BLOWS my theory. Awesome job MR Bane. You owe me a new kindle!! You’ve hung me to many times, off this cliff, and my kindle finally broke in half.

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One Response to Emotionally Shattered – review

  1. Rin Barcal says:

    Haha, didn’t really say much about the book. It’s hard to do a review while hanging from a cliff. I still love u Mr X Bane

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