Has All the Elements, It’s Epic -review by CoffeeMom

on February 20, 2017
Now, as I start all my reviews, there are four elements that to me make a great book. It must make you laugh, cry, want to throw it, and then never want to put it down. This time Lucian didn’t disappoint me with Reginald Bones 2. Lucian Bane this series is still a totally an epic mind ****. I loved every second of it. Winter what can I say I still don’t have her figured out yet. Bones in this book is still the Alpha and boy does he show it hot and steamy. While sweet Reggie tries to find his place. Then we meet someone new….Since I don’t give out spoilers, Reginald Bones 2 is cleverly written with very strong characters, that will keep you on the edge of your seat, flipping those pages to see what happens next. Lucian’s style will completely transport you into his fictional world that’s dominated by Bones and Reginald and it won’t let you leave until you have reached the last page. I highly recommend this book and look forward to the next book.
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