Intensely Dark and Amazing – review by Daria

on March 9, 2017intensely dark armazing
Lucian Bane the man, the writer the mind bender. Once again he puts out a story with so many layers to it as you read, you feel like you’re the one being slowly revealed.

As you read the third book in this amazing series you will get a better look at Winter and Bones. Reginald is their if only in the actions of Bones. Winter shows strength that is unimaginable as she seems to not only stay but acts almost as a calming agent for Bones. I said almost.

Each next page has you tied up in emotions, you don’t want to read more but you cant help yourself when you thumb the next page. Its like watching a scary movie between your open fingers.

I think that Bones 3 hit every imaginable emotion known to man. How many times will you curse, dab your eyes or fan your face? Such talent with words and Bones, and Winters personalities gain more meat, more of themselves. I’d thought at first that yes Winter loves Reginald, but what of Bones is it love?

Bones is just wow, then concept that Lucian penned and then brought to life as Bones, was mind blowing. Reggie isn’t seem much, all but disappeared, but you get introduced to X good bad or indifferent? Is he there to make it better or totally take it to another jacked up level? Not only Bones wanted answers, so did we now we both have more questions.

Lucian brings it only as Lucian can. This isn’t a standalone make sure to read the books prior to this, so well worth it!

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  1. Lizzy Smith says:

    Daria, I loved your review!!!! “It’s like watching a movie through your open fingers”. Love that. These reviews want make me want to read again!! Quick! Hahha

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