Just Read It! review by Suzanne

on March 22, 2017
So the past several months I have been totally burned out on reading… I took a little break… like almost 4 months kind of break…. So when one of your favorite authors releases a book, you buy it, right? I did, but I had to let the series sit. I was not in any kind of head space to read it or read anything really.

Let me tell you this: You hear of bloggers and readers and even other authors stating that a writer should get better with every book they write? This is true of Lucian Bane. I have been reading him since his first series release, Dom Wars. Every. Single. Book. Gets. BETTER. Than the last.

His most recent series, Reginal Bones (1-3)… well, I had no idea how I would feel about it. How I would feel about Bones… I knew I immediately loved Reginald…. But Bones, he was an acquired taste… the more I read him, the more I DEVOURED him. Love Bonsey.

Winter… she’s quite the character. Lucian Bane has managed to wrap all of a woman’s insecurities into one character and then MAKE HER BLOSSOM!! Winter Rose Brown is NOT a dull woman. I love her character, her strength and beautiful weakness.

So if you have read Lucian Bane before and put his work down… PICK IT BACK UP!! If you have never read Lucian Bane before…. THIS IS THE SERIES YOU WANT!! This series will blow you away. Reginald Bones is a book hangover worthy series. Bones will be your next book boyfriend. 5 out of 5 stars. HIGHLY recommend!!
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  1. Lizzy Smith says:

    I LOVEDLOVEDLOVEDLOVED Suzanne’s review!!!!!

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