Love, Hate, Grudges – review

on March 17, 2017
Lucian Bane is the ONLY author that continually keeps me coming back for more, in spite of his penchant for torture by cliff hanger!!! My hunger for his clever, quirky, erotic word weaving has yet to out-weigh my (possibly irrational) hatred of dangling story lines!!! Ugggggh!! Reginald Bones is so so very intriguing and enticing and unexpected. I’m waiting as patiently as possible…and holding a grudge, which is not in my nature!! HURRY!! Pleeeeeease
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    I usually refer to males as the more dominant and females as the more submissive. The intention is NOT to say that ALL relationships should fit that pattern. My relationship experience is with male dominant, female submissive arrangements and that is the only sort of relationship I have firsthand knowledge about.