Love Story, Redemption, Second Chances – review Cuts Like an Angel

on February 25, 2017
Wow!! Just wow!! I was totally blown away by this story. I really had no idea what I was in for when I began this book. I’ve read Lucian before so I know that his books are raw and edgy. I’ve never read Mason Sabre before and I was enthralled with the collaboration of these two brilliant writers. This book is dark and deals with some very ugly abuse and self hate, but there is also a beautiful love story of redemption and second chances. My heart literally broke for William and cheered for Josh, falling in love with his sweetness and crying for him to over come the biggest obstacle of his life, William. Rosie is sweet and innocent but also very strong to leave behind a family that she feels really does not love her to start a life in another country. I loved how each author used their unique voice in this book, Lucian being the American POV in Rosie and Mason lending his voice to William and Josh with all of the British slang and terminology. So unique and creative!!. This is truly a love story with so many gut wrenching twists and turns it left me emotionally drained at times. The worst part of the book was realizing as it was getting closer to the end that this book was going to leave me hanging for another one!!!
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