Mind blown, and peeled like an onion – review by Daria

on December 23, 2016

Sits back after reading the last page just thinking O.M.G. The talent that is Lucian Bane strikes our mind and shakes us up once again. Reginald Bones is seriously from the mind of a gifted writer. Intensely dark, a forward moving train wreck of various emotions.

If you close your eyes and replay it in your head you can almost see the personalities at war with each other. One almost kid like in his thirst to know more, with bouts of adulthood in his want to be there. The other riding the fine line of the scary dark edge with a good dose of confusion I think. Because well yeah, you have to read it. 🙂

Our little heroine her personality was so much like a yo-yo about mid read, she so knew what she wanted but did she really? Then once she reveled in “that” feeling of pleasure something she’d never experienced, her little world was different than she thought.

We got a taste of Lucian Banes mind as he layered on the story, then ripped up each layer with slow precision. A bevy of emotions bouncing around, I think the writer puts a whole new meaning to the term edging. Shake up your mind, stroke your soul. Enjoy.

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One Response to Mind blown, and peeled like an onion – review by Daria

  1. Lizzy Smith says:

    Daria, I’ve read the book. I’ve read your review. Damn u do Lucian Bane justice!! He so deserves exactly this type of accolade!

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