Mon-day is Fun-day :) Shut up

Welcome to the daily grind.

I’m your host, sir smiley-in-your-face.

So, what are we doing this fine Monday?aquastepmopping-wood-floor_Cleaning-300x262

I am:

1. Writing 5k words on…. White Knight Dom Academy~First Semester (ladies who get daily snippets in your box, forgive me for the last few days, I shall reimburse you this evening lol)

2. Marketing for 5 hours.

3. Eating in between, doing house chores, and cooking for the wife and myself. It all works out great, I love it and that’s why sir smiley in-your-face says Mon-day is Fun-day. ๐Ÿ™‚


What about you? What does your normal Monday Grind look like?

I’m giving a signed print copy of Arks of Octava to the woman who has the most…. (BUSY ) Monday. Put in the comments what your average Monday looks like and at the end of February, I will judge the one I find the most “demanding” and give my reason why, along with the gift. ๐Ÿ™‚

Have fun today ladies and gents. And if you don’t want the Grind…. stuff a cookie in your trap, shut it, and get to it. You, my friend, is why the world turns around. Don’t drop the ball!


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30 Responses to Mon-day is Fun-day :) Shut up

  1. Jan Kinder says:

    Hahahahaha, no ball dropping huh. Damn, here I thought I could just lazy around all day and do nothing but bask in the warm glow of the fire.

  2. Hilary Suppes says:

    Monday, huh. That is a naughty word in our house. lol My Monday (or everyday) starts at 5:30 when my 2 year old decides he needs to wake up, have a cup of milk and watch cartoons. (Little Einsteins or Team Umizoomi) My dogs need let out and fed. My cat also thinks that she needs food. Picking up the house and getting my husband out the door. Then get myself and the babe ready. Breakfast made, dogs put in kennels, babe to daycare and me to work. Work is lovely on Mondays. I work in Health Insurance and that doesn’t rest because we are not there. So catching up from all of the weekend activity is on my Monday plate. Leave work at 5. Pick up my little monster (he loves to act like a monster so it is a nickname full of love). Get home and get him situated with milk, dogs out, play, read or whatever my little love needs while cooking dinner. Bath, bedtime stories and snuggles. Cleaning up the dishes and house. I normally have the laundry caught up by Monday. Then FINALLY mommy time. That is always the same, me with a book. Depending on the week I am also paying bills, going to the store over my lunch break, posting book reviews, taking care of whatever the husband needs done and getting in my time on social media. Really its all in a days work and I absolutely love it!

  3. Heather Lange-Wilson says:

    1.) Take all 3 dogs out to go potty
    2.) Take 23 year old cat out to go potty
    3.) give 23 year old cat her pain meds
    4.) give said cat wet cat food
    5.) get myself ready for work
    6.) double check my blog posts to make sure all are scheduled
    7.) Get myself ready for work
    8.) kiss husband good bye and say i love you
    9.) Leave house by 7 am to make it to work by 7:30 am.
    10.) Work till 5:30pm, usually doing software installs, fixing computers.
    11.) drive home
    12.) take all 3 dogs out to go potty
    13.) take cat out to go potty
    14.) feed cat
    15.) feed dogs
    16.) take dogs out to go potty
    17.) play tug a war with dogs
    18.) take cat out to go potty
    19.) give cat pain meds
    20.) finally figure out what to have for dinner for myself
    21.) make said dinner
    22.) eat said dinner (usually by 8:15-8:30)
    23.) take shower
    24.) collapse in bed reading book
    25.) fall asleep reading said book only getting thru 1 paragraph

  4. Dawn hartzburg says:

    mondays huh
    My Monday consists of getting daughter up for school dressed feed the dropping her off at school. Coming home getting my 3 year old dressed for the day and then working for 5 hours on school work for my collage. Then pickin up my daughter comin home helping her with her homework. Cooking dinner and then kids baths then putting them to bed just to do it all over again the next morning

  5. Melissa Ann says:

    I wake up at 6 am with my youngest daughter. Lay out all the clothes for both my children … Which might not seem like much effort but finding matching socks is like a archaeological dig. My girls make their own breakfast but it almost seems not worth the effort when I have to remind them 10 times to eat and get dressed. I make their lunch which luckily monday isn’t a Litterless lunch day. But they need a water bottle, a sandwich and three snacks. I then lay out their outdoor clothes … Which sucks in the Canadian winter and walk them to school. When I get back home, I work at the office in our home until lunch time, filing, setting up appointments, faxing and scanning and photocopying. After this I clean the house, write, post, etc. at 3:15 I pick up my kids from school. Make supper, help with home work, clean up. Later I put the kids to bed, write and get the posts ready for the next day and if I have time … Read. That’s a typical Monday ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great day !!!

  6. Stella Martin says:

    Wow…. Mond-day Fun-day ๐Ÿ™‚ So, my Monday consists of the below.

    – 4:45am Alarm goes off
    – 4:50am Get my 7yr old daughter up & ready for school (making sure she is dressed appropriately for her school schedule and that she has everything she needs for her day as well as help her make her lunch)
    – 5:05am Grab something extra to throw in my bag (a snack and bottled water or juice box) for my daughter and 4yr old grandson who I help raise for our after school commute.
    – 5:15am Get ready for work
    – 5:30am Kiss my husband bye and tell him I will see him when he returns home from work.
    – 5:55am Inform my older daughter (19yrs old) & my son (16yrs old) that I am heading out and that my youngest is ready for school.
    – 6:00am Head out to the catch my bus 3 blocks away at 6:10am which will take me to the airport (Chicago’s Midway) to catch the CTA train where I continue my morning commute. (Reading time & a few minutes of social media)
    – 6:55am Stop and grab some much needed coffee & something to eat.
    – 7:00am Arrive at my office job in downtown Chicago where I support 38 users with the network end of the business. (sneak some social media time in)
    – 2:00pm head out to start my afternoon commute (1 train and 1 bus or I walk the mile to my daughters school if I have missed the bus for any reason) (Reading time & a few minutes social media)
    – 2:45pm arrive at my daughterโ€™s school to pick her up and we have the 15 minute walk to my 4yr old grandsonโ€™s daycare to talk about her day and all the things exciting that happened to her.
    – 3:00pm arrive at my grandson daycare to pick him up
    – 3:18pm catch the bus back to the train which is the start of our commute home together (which is where the snacks and Netflix on my phone come in)
    – 4:30pm arrive home start dinner and help with homework
    – 6:00pm Dinner is ready & my husband should be getting home from work within the next 15 minutes.
    – 7:00pm Set the shower for my daughter and get her ready for bed; sign any papers for my older kids that need signing.
    – 7:30-8:30pm Read a book with my 7yr old of her choosing (our daily time together)
    – 8:30pm Tuck my daughter into bed, tell my grandson goodnight and go through our nightly ritual; pick up whatever mess that has been left from the kids since we got home- load dishwasher & sweep.
    – 9:30pm Head to bed with my husband who is already resting giving me time to read AGAIN & a little more social media. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    – 11:30pm My day is done and I am ready to fall asleep to start this over 3 more times in the week. (Mon-Thurs)

    Have you ever realized you donโ€™t pay any mind as to what you do on a daily basis sometimes until your asked to write it down. Iโ€™m exhausted already from just explaining my day aboveโ€ฆ

  7. Kimberly Billings says:

    My Monday starts with letting the dogs out. Then I pack and it’s off to the airport to go wherever my work takes me that week. It’s a full day of business travel with all the delays and craziness that comes with air travel. Then it’s to the hotel and catch up on emails and whatever else is going on.

  8. Sydney H. says:

    My Monday start around 6am when I get ready, then take 10 yr old to bus, back to give 4 and 3 yr old breakfast then off to pre-k and daycare for them, then I start work doing payroll plus whatever else needs to be done remotely. if there are errands or dr appts then they get done during the work day. I will also do house chores when time permits. Oldest comes home from school and when work is done get younger ones, then put dinner on table after hubs gets home, do house stuff, then get kids ready for bed after they’re in bed hubs and I get to talk ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. syrina says:

    Monday-day off- shuddupayaface!
    dream about RUIN
    pimp RUIN all over facebook
    spread RUIN around pinterest
    slather RUIN in the middle of twitter
    speckle RUIN throughout Google
    stretch RUIN in TSU
    poke RUIN in the TUMBLR
    then I run over and smax him right in the mind of his human vessel
    When I have any time left I make sure to trip all over Lucians last nerve to!
    O groovy days!

  10. Ruby Hinkleberry says:

    Geez, not only do I have to live through my Monday, but you want me to replay it for you?! Be warned, it’s not pretty!! So…..
    1st I wake up way before the asscrack of the day at 3am. Then its getting up my two cranky children to bathe and dress. Then I do some magic, by getting myself dressed and cooking for them at the same time. Ya, it gets a bit risky. After becoming somewhat decent, I gather all that is needed for their day and mine and haul it all in the car.
    2nd I have to endure a horrendous half an hour drive while trying to stay awake. The kids sleep while I struggle to keep my eyes on the road.
    3rd I drop the kids off at daycare and break all sipped limits to get me some coffee before heading to work.
    4th is enduring 8 miserable hours in a high risk institution which houses some of the most dangerous men on Earth. Only allowed 2 short 15 minute breaks and lots of paperwork.
    I then am released from work to rush and either pay bills or do any shopping needed all in the 45 minutes before I have to pick the kids up.
    I again pick my bundles of joy up from school and daycare to once again cart them home.
    5th when we are home I redress them for being at home. And again preform magic by getting myself redressed, helping with homework, and starting dinner.
    6th once dinner is done we eat, the kids get to play or watch tv while I prepare for the next day. Then both kiddos get bathed and dressed for bed. Once my babies are down for the night, I do the dishes, clean the house and either indulge in some reading or help conquer the cyber world for my favorite authors

  11. Laurie Johnson says:

    Crazy patients…..we do root canals. Need I say more??? ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Mary Forster says:

    I just first have to say lol on what you said ๐Ÿ™‚ You made me laugh. I think others have me beat on how my Monday’s goes:

    1. Get up at 6am
    2. Get the kiddo up at 6:30
    3. Get the kiddo fed before anything else
    4. Out the door by 8:10am
    5. Get the kiddo to school
    6. Drive to work and get there by 8:30am
    7. Work my full 8 hours
    8. Drive home from work
    9. Come home and cook dinner for the family
    10. Clean up the kitchen after eating dinner
    11. Get the kiddo a bath before bed
    12. 9pm I get to relax and do some reading.
    13. 11pm I’m in bed trying to count the Z’s

    So ya my schedule is not like the others that I have read.

  13. Jen G says:

    What does my Monday look like? Well…first I have to get 4 boys up and dressed. Breakfasts made and lunches packed. There are a lot of good allergies in my house and cold cereal just doesn’t do for them. They want hot brecky. There is usually a fight or two, sometimes they are physical (3 of the boys are preteen and teen the other is a toddler). I have to say at least twice “give that back to him” and “no you aren’t wearing that”. Then it’s time to drop the oldest off at school and head in to work. I usually have meetings on Mondays and they tend to drone on for a while then it’s get 12 hours worth of work done in the remaining 6 of the day. Finally I can leave there and come home. Once home, Mondays are boyscouts / cubscouts and there are therapists in my house. (My 11yr old is lower functioning autistic and my 9yr old has aspbergers). So off to scouts with therapists in two we go. Drop the older one off at his meeting place and off to the place for the cubs. Imagine 20 screaming boys ranging from 7-12 for 2 hours. It’s like herding cats. Then it’s off to pick up the older one from his meeting, hear about how and why we need to “winter” camp this weekend (ummm there is 6 inches of snow on the ground and it’s going to be a whopping 18 degrees as a high this weekend) and I need to go but all this stuff for him before he leaves Friday after school. Sure I’ll do that in my spare time. Finally we get home. My hubs at this point has very nicely cleaned the house and cooked dinner. So we eat then it’s baths and bed. More fighting and being told, once again, “give that back to him” the tiny one starts to cry and finally the 3 younger ones go to bed. But do they stay there? No of course they don’t. After the 3rd time putting them to bed, they finally stay and I can relax with a tea and my kindle. Mondays are quite hectic in my house. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Suzanne Gangarosa says:

    I am up almost every day at 430am, I get myself ready, switch out the laundry from the night before, empty and load the dishwasher, make sure my girl’s bags are actually ready (they get them ready the night before, but I always double check – my husband finished getting the girls ready and off to school in the mornings, I am lucky!). Drive 30 minutes to work at 630am where I make IV medications for patients at the hospital. Leave work after 8 or 9 hours of standing in a cleanroom all “haz-mat-looking” working with drugs and needles, pick girls up from school, run them both to karate, then home finally around 615pm for helping both girls with homework, dinner making and consumption, unpack from the day, put everything away, get the next day lined up with outfits and lunches made, get the youngest bathed, harp on the oldest to bathe, listen to the oldest wail (I mean practice) on the drum set, get girls ready and off to bed by 930pm, pay bills, spend time with the husband – most times its holding hands “watching” TV, when in reality we’re both asleep and drooling in the recliners! Throw in there some downtime for social media on a computer VS a smart phone, my all time favorite – reading, and a bit of yoga! Bed by 11pm only to start it all over again the next day! I wouldn’t trade it for anything – it’s all about time management and communication! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Becki glagola says:

    Well let’s see… I get up a 6am to get the kids ready for school. After that I get myself ready for work. I got to work at around 730, i have a philosophy class at 2, then back to work until 4 which is when I get off from one job and rush to the other one that I have from 5 till 9 which is teaching college students. . After I get off I head home to grab a bite to eat, study, do homework and grade papers until I cannot stay awake any longer then I head to bed to do it all over again……. Happy hectic Monday!!!

  16. Roxie says:

    Oh man… I just want to be the asshole here…

    Let’s see. Monday, I wake up whenever I wake up. I take care of NO kids or animals. I eventually cook dinner for everyone, then I go out & have good time at pool league for a few hours.

    Mondays are hard.


  17. Carol Hall says:

    By comparison, mine’s a breeze. No spouse, no children, no pets. Just a job, a residence to clean, and a friend to chat with, oh yes, and reading. I won’t be winning this contest but I will enjoy reading the entries.

  18. It made me answer them in order from the other page which is why my answers are coming from the bottom, lol. I’ll finish up tomorrow, loving the answers so far.

  19. R&R express says:

    Wow all I can say is that I am glad I work from home! I might work until 7 on Mondays but I can sleep til 7 because I have a 10 second commute, and clean the litter box on my “smoke” break, lol. I hate my job at the CURRENT moment, but I’m also addicted to being able to do my chores at lunch. I get up to make sure my sweet husband gets on his way, then shower, dress, makeup, feed cats, and walk into my office to hook up. My company has major spyware, so I do a hardware teardown every night. I spend 7-10 hours working depending on if I worked the weekend. Hubby texts me when he leaves work, then I log out and feed cats, start dinner, and get a glass of wine! We eat, sometimes cook together, clean kitchen, and set up coffee. After that, it’s down time (reading, tv, bath,bed). I’m fortunate. Even if I do have to tear down my puter so that the folks in the ivory tower don’t listen to my personal life (Mr. Orwell was a prophet!).

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