A so called hero that likes hurting women. Degrading them. Using their body. Keeping them solely for their selfish pleasures.
By Webster’s dictionary standards, this is not a hero.
By Lucian’s dictionary standards, this is a coward. A little cockroach bitch cunt. This is a collection of moldy, pissyfied dust particles hiding in a suit of pwelly skin.
We’ve all had the pleasure of knowing somebody like this in real life. Not a single one of us would recommend our daughters to them for dating. Or anybody else’s. Not a one of us would say, “this guy is such a hero, when you grow up you want to be sure and find one just like him.” No, we say the exact opposite.
What boggles my mind is when I hear how some women’s vaginas blow a gasket and begin to GUSH over that up there.
When did this happen? What era did I miss? When did we go from “that shit is fucked up” to hearing about women’s nasty ass panties being soaked with their nasty ass juices?
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A brief word to those people who think this: “Please. Call the funeral home and set up your burial. You have clearly passed your brain in the last shit you took and are a walking dead fuckzombi. Go take a break in a grave.
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4 Responses to MY HARD LIMIT IN A BOOK

  1. Shawna says:

    Agreed. This is similar to why I hated Gone Girl. No one seems to grasp how Such a thing could be. But absolutely, all main characters in the story behaving despicably is my hard limit. Neither party had any remorse for their behavior in their marriage. I can go find novels with the same type of twists that also have characters I can love. I hated both main characters. I saw nothing redeeming in either of them. I wanted to throw the book out the window after the first two chapters. I forced myself to finish because of my book club and then stood with my jaw on the ground over all the women squealing about how they loved it. I don’t belong to that club anymore. I don’t have time for that. I read for two purposes: 1. To learn 2. to escape into another reality and experience adventure, fantasy, romance, get spooked, etc. Reading is my meditation. If I’m passed off at the characters the whole time I’m inviting more consternation in my own head. Real life and real people do that enough thankyouverymuch.

  2. Stacy says:

    Well said

  3. Ruby says:

    You just had to use that word…..I’ll admit is fitting. But still. *shivers*

  4. Nan says:

    I have always loved that about you. That you are a strong voice for women and marriage and forever romance. Somewhere along the way it got to be cool to love the bad boy. I guess we sometimes want what we know we should not have!
    I had an old boyfriend find me on Facebook a couple yrs ago. He said, do you remember me? Yay, you broke my he says..I said, you have a lovley daughter, you would not want your daughter to date someone like you were back then. Oooooo hello
    He apoligize and said he was a fool. He said I was the last one he loved. You were the one that got away..
    I always thought I would change them for the better. NOT

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