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on March 21, 2017Top 5, 5 starts

Forget Reggie’s mind, MY mind can’t handle this lol! I gotta say, if this series is affecting readers, how on earth does it affect Lucian Bane? I’m putting this out there now: this series is one of my top 5 favorites that I’ve ever read! With this book we get to see interactions between Winter and Bones and I loved it! There’s so much within the pages of this book: the mental and emotional aspects alone are enough to keep you captivated, but we also get to see what Winter has to go through with X to learn more about Bones.

Who is X? Well, that’s yet ANOTHER player in this mystery of Bones and his past. One thing that’s kept me riveted to this series is the evolving relationship between Bones and Winter; in book 1 you’ve got a character that is irascible, rude and will have you wanting to nut-punch him. By this point in the series, Bones has become the character you embrace and want to protect and shield from the world. That right there shows how well an author can bring characters to life if you now want to protect the character like they were real people.

And then you get hit with another cliffhanger! Argh, I can’t wait till the next book is released!

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