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5.0 out of 5 stars This angel is divine!, September 10, 2016
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This angel is divine!
I felt every feel these characters felt and was all in from the beginning. I was held captive from cover to cover. This has to be the best book I have read all year and I can only think of one other that could hold that esteemed position. Two authors that write in the best authenticity of their characters to make them real as possible. This is a dark love story of two twenty somethings, who are physiologically bent, learning how to maneuver through life in spite of their own problems. I fell in love with the characters in chapter one and the love affair continued all the way to the end and I am starved for more! I have so much affection and true love for all of these characters. The main characters being bent did not take anything away from the story, I believe it is part of what made them so lovable and worthwhile. The heroine is selfless and no matter how much she second guesses herself and thinks herself not good enough or totally out of place, she is so good and so lovable. I identify in many ways with her, partly because I think she understands and identifies with her patients and that she is able to love beyond the ugly that society has placed on mental health disorders. I kept thinking she has more going on than what we have been told thus far. I am looking forward to learning secrets and seeing her kick her traitorous sisters behind. The hero is dark. Totally worthwhile, lovable and even funny. His upbringing is horrific and there are secrets there also. Even though he functions daily with demons that are up front and personal and doing everything in their power to take him down, to make him give in to the dark voices. I think together they will help heal each other as love often does. (at least I hope so) I am really looking forward to the next installment as it takes you through every emotion possible. I laughed, I ugly cried, I was mad as hell. I hope for more good. I am curious to see what these two talented authors come up with next. I have spent the last two weeks wanting to go read more about them, except I finished the book. I am left with a huge book hangover and I highly recommend this book. It can’t get much better!
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