Poll: Battle of the Books Round 2, Week 1


Round 1 has ended. By default, Reginald Bones 3 is moving into Round 2.
This time you’ll get 3 books per week…and I’m such a nice guy, you still get to
After that, DROP A COMMENT

as you can see, the books are chosen by random.

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14 Responses to Poll: Battle of the Books Round 2, Week 1

  1. Terrie Meerschaert says:

    Still loving the Dom Wars

  2. Tianna McPherson says:

    Absolutely loved Reginald Bones 2.

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  4. Helena Hoorn says:

    Dont know how much longer I can do this , its getting sooooo difficult to choose.

  5. Lacy says:

    I still love love Dom Wars

  6. Tracey Lutman says:

    Now it’s the war between Dom Wars!

  7. Crystal says:

    Gotta love me some Reggie and Bones❤️☠️

  8. Linda Kidwell says:

    I will always love Don Wars.. but damn I’m loving Reginald Bones!

  9. Cynthia says:

    So far of all I’ve read Bones is at the top of the list! Love how you’ve taken the story in this crazy direction. Your mind bewilders me…lol simply amazing.

    DomWars was the start of my stalking (err following) devotion of you but you have grown so much as a writer since in my opinion.

  10. Michele VonCannon says:

    Loving Reginald Bones!

  11. sandra manwiller says:

    You amaze me with your words and your imagination.

  12. Kirsty says:

    Loved Dom Wars but Bonnnnnneees! <3

  13. Eann Giddings says:

    Still love Dom Wars but I am hooked on bones also

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