Poll: Battle of the Books Round 3, Week 2


This is Week 2 of Round 3.
We’re only getting 2 books each week, soooooo
After that, DROP A COMMENT

There are no more easy weeks – enjoy.

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8 Responses to Poll: Battle of the Books Round 3, Week 2

  1. Gina Terribile Enge says:

    Oh Geez this was hard. But I really have a soft spot for Solomon.
    But I love Reggie and Bones too.

  2. Tianna McPherson says:

    It has to be Reginald Bones 2 all the way!

  3. Daphne Lynn says:

    That was really hard! I didn’t like choosing on these because they were both GREAT books! But then, they all are. These are just favorites.

  4. Monica Reed says:

    Reginald Bones series is my favorite. Can’t wait for the next one…💜

  5. Carol Keiser says:

    Oh Lucian….. this one killed me!!

  6. Jackie Lemay says:

    Love all your books it gets harder and harder to vote!

  7. Ruby's Java Corner aka Dessie says:


  8. Jackie Lemay says:

    Love them both but Rginald bones2 story line with multiple personalities won! Can’t wait for Reginald Bones 4!

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