Protect And Love The Broken – review by Aura

on March 21, 2017
I received this book in exchange of my honest review. Thank you so much!
Damn, this book was perfect!!! Perfect amount of everything a reader needs to love a story!
Bones and Winter’s story continues and it’s becoming more and more interesting. The second book left me with the impression that Bones finally accepted her in his life but starting to read this one proved I was wrong. He still hates her and holds her responsible for Reginald’s disappearance.

But, Winter loves him and she fights for him; she is willing to sacrifice everything to help him. If in the first books I didn’t like her much, here I admire her courage and compassion.

Still, Bones is my favorite, even if he was a bastard and treated her bad. I like everything about him and I can’t wait to find out his entire story and understand better his actions.
He is so broken and hurt that makes me want to protect him, to save his doomed soul. Even if his behavior makes him appear a bad man, he isn’t. He is sweet and passionate, honest and direct. Also, he is scared and scarred and he can’t trust anyone. I simply love this character!

Another thing I like while reading this was that I laughed a lot, there were many funny moments, happy ones that the two of them shared. Seeing Bones smile and carefree was amazing and it made me love him more!
This part of Reginald Bones’s series is my favorite so far and I am anxious to read the final book!
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