Reggie, Bones, Winter – Best Reads Ever – review by Adona

on January 28, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
One of the best reads ever! Mr. Bane has outdone himself once again. Reginald, Bones and Winter, these three (?) characters are superbly meshed. Winter is drawn to the sweetness of Reginald and the rough power of Bones and must remind herself, or maybe convince herself, that they are the same person, are they?

The fun banter between Reggie and Bones gives your rapidly beating heart a chance to calm and you can stop holding your breath.

During one hot, scorching sexual encounter between Reggie/Bones and Winter it appears to Winter that the two have melded together. But in Bone’s mind, no they have not.

Then bang, you are hit with a Nooooooo moment, your mouth drops open, your eyes go wide and all you can think is OMG! Keep that thought as you wait for book 3.

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