REGINALD BONES 2 – Snippet 1 for your pleasure


Reginald Bones 2

She finally got done, only to realize there was nothing to secure the chain with! She ran back to the wall, grabbed up everything she touched only to toss it down. She found a hammer and let out a gasp. She could nail it!

She scanned the walls for a nail that would do the job, spotting one near him. She hurried to it and realized she’d have to cross over him. She carefully leapt over him and worked the claw of the hammer onto the nail then grunted as she yanked on it. Felt cemented in!


She jumped over him again and grabbed the giant wrench on the floor, hurrying back to the nail. She banged on the handle of the hammer with the wrench while glancing down at him. Please don’t let the hammer break, please. His incoherent mumbles increased and the nail shot out of the wall onto the floor near his head.

Winter scrambled down and retrieved it, staring at his head now lolling back and forth. She jumped back over him and took hold of both ends of the chain, pulling them to the rail as he came to more and more. One side of the chain pulled out of her hand when she came up short. God, not long enough!

She fought to pull the chain, tugging on his body.

“What… what’s…”

Panic threatened to overwhelm her. She needed to nail the chain to something!

The floor! It was wood! Her breaths blasted out as she placed both chain loops on the floor and placed the nail in the center. She began hammering and he rolled a little, nearly dislodging the nail. She grasped it tighter, keeping him in her peripheral vision as she hurried back to hammering. Oh God, be still! She swung too quick, missing the head and causing the nail to bend. She focused her aim, gasping as she struck with precision.

He rolled again and she banged faster. “What are you… hey,” he croaked, his hand raising toward her.

She moved out of his reach, stretching to whack at the nail. When it was past halfway in, she banged at an angle, forcing the top of the nail to bend over the chain.

He lunged at her with a roar and she screamed, whacking the nail as he fought to grab the hammer from her. “Stop it!” she shrieked.

The edge of the nail head sank deep into the floor and Winter scurried back, watching as he thrashed and growled like an animal. Her heart jolted every time her jerked the chain with his weight. He grabbed the links and yanked over and over and over, roaring. Then he paused, following the chain to his belt loops.

Oh shit. What if he took off his pants?

“Don’t, Bones!” Reginald grit.

“Reginald!” she gasped.

“You threw me down the stairs,” Bones grit back, touching the back of his head and looking at the blood on his fingers.

“You tried to strangle her!” Reginald’s fury sounded identical to Bones’ making her jump.

Bones angled his head, squinting. “What are you talking about? Did I not tell you if I was going to hurt her, I’d let you know that!”

Winter drew back a little in shock. He didn’t remember? She watched Reginald surface, a look of worry on his brow. “Bones?” he began, getting control of their breaths. “Listen buddy. You’re under a lot of stress.”

“From what!” Bones bit, like he didn’t buy that.

“From whatever it is you can’t remember maybe? All I know is when you strangled her, you were remembering things. There was a man in your mind. Do you remember that? Who was he, Bones? Was that your dad? He called you son.”

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