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Reginald Bones (part 3 of Redone)

“You should have left,” Bones hissed when they headed back to the house. “You just stood there!”

“I’m sorry,” Reginald said, for the fifth time.

Bones knew he was, he heard it in his virtuous fucking tone. It was the one thing he could count on with Reginald, his honesty with him, his blinding integrity. “You’re the normal one,” Bones went on, plowing them both back to the house. “You should have cut it off. Bitch was in heat, did you not see that?”

Don’t say that, Bonsey.

“Don’t’ go all quiet on me now,” Bones muttered.

I’m tired. You’re right, I should have cut it off. It won’t happen again.

“She’s bad news, did you see her baiting? Did you?”


Bones heard the clueless in his tone. Of course he didn’t see it. He was blinded by her wiles. Even from a distance, Bones caught all of it. She’d seduced Reginald. Fucking slut. “If that happens again, I’m not going to let you do all the talking. I promise you that,” he warned.

“It won’t happen again,” Reginald said, annoyed now.

“I’m just protecting you.”

“Protecting me? I thought this was to protect her.”

“And her. But especially you. She’d just hurt you and then I’d have a reason to kill her, and then I would, and then we’d fry!

Bones couldn’t get in the shower fast enough. He set the water to scalding hot, then finally realized Reginald trembled under the abuse. He quickly added cold, feeling like the sick jackass he was. It wasn’t Reginald’s damn fault. The dude had gone five years accommodating Bones. Every day, Reggie sacrificed for him. Nobody had ever done shit for him and today, when that fat slut made moves on him, threatened him, Bones was ready to fry if it meant protecting Reginald.

He shut off the water, shaking his head in realization. That little shit had gotten under his cold, hard skin. A place Bones swore nobody would ever go.

When they laid in bed, Bones sank back into the shadows. Mostly so that Reginald could be free to be normal. Reginald was right. Bones had needed him to be normal and meanwhile, he locked him away from everything normal. Watching the little shit trip all over himself in front of a woman of all things made him realize this.

That was on Bones, he owned that. But Bones made sacrifices for Reginald too. For one, he didn’t self-harm anymore now that they shared a body. Maybe he should tell him so he didn’t feel like Bones was nothing but a selfish, sadistic bastard. He was, but not where Reginald was concerned.

A smirk of disgust formed on Bones face as he listened in on Reginald’s thoughts. All about her, of course. Her smell, her hair, the look in her horny green eyes. The color of fresh moss? More like the color of frog shit.

Bones moved to pull back, not wanting to hear it, not able to. He wanted Reginald to be normal but he could hardly stand being anywhere near what constituted that.

Fuck. Bones hesitated, needing to know how bad Reginald had been effected by this vile whore. And what a whore she was, practically throwing her pussy at him. Reginald’s problem was, he was too normal. What he needed was a lesson in the wicked nature of women.

God, the fucking chemicals Reginald was giving off felt like poison in his blood stream. He needed to figure out how to ride the filth and not let it take him. Just another dance, that’s all it was. Nothing Bones couldn’t handle or adapt to.

Bones froze at feeling something he’d not felt in many years. Heat in his groin. Oh, fuck no, Reginald wasn’t… He goddamn was. he was fucking aroused.

Bones stood by like a freight train, ready to plow into him, holding back in hopes he’d settle his ass back down. But instead, Reginald slowly wrapped a hand around his cock and Bones shot a hand to his balls and strangled them in a vicious grip.

Reginald sat up in pain, groaning. “God, I thought you were sleeping.” The alarm mixed with Reginald’s arousal brought old cravings to Bones.

Not. Fucking. That, Bones ground out. You’re not doing that with my body.

A long silence passed between them until Bones felt like a bastard again.

Can you just… not participate? Reginald asked.

Rage spiked through Bones at the logical request. He would use that on him. Here Bones was, asking him to be normal, while forcing him to be as abnormal as they came. I can’t, Bones said.

You can’t or you won’t?

I can’t and I won’t.

How do you know you can’t?

Because I won’t.

But you can?

I can’t!

Bones wished he’d drop it but he knew Reginald. He wouldn’t. And the one thing he liked about Reginald was his ability to see logic and reason, although, he was getting a little too good at using it against Bones. Logic didn’t apply with Bones, he needed to get that.

I gave you what you needed, Bones.

And that fucking shit there.  And I’m grateful, Reggie. But don’t force me to do this. 


His curiosity burned with a need to understand, not fight. Like if he could understand, he’d leave it alone, or try to. But that meant divulging things Bones couldn’t.

You don’t want to know Reggie.

Guilt slowly seeped into Bones as Reginald’s hand slid off his cock. Okay, Bones.

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

It’s okay Bones, really. I don’t want to do anything that hurts you.

Bones fought with himself. Reginald wasn’t using logic, he was using something more potent. His kindness. It was toxic to Bones when he used it on him. Which was odd, given how much Bones loved cruelty.

He felt Reginald turn over and put his back to him. I’m tired anyway Bones. Go to sleep.

Big fucking laugh, there. Sleep. That was a luxury Bones enjoyed through Reginald. He didn’t know, but the biggest reason Bones lurked in the background all damn day was because he was exhausted. Tired from fighting the monsters inside, resisting their cravings. If he didn’t stay up and watch, he wasn’t sure what they would do when Reginald slept.

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