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If you missed part 4 of Redone


Reginald Bones (part 4 of Redone) 

“The cameras make sense,” Reginald told Bones for the tenth time. “You’re being overly paranoid.”

“I don’t want you watching her.”

“You said come up with a compromise, you agreed this was safe enough.”

“I didn’t expect you’d want it just for watching her.”

“I don’t want it just for watching her, I want it for watching everybody.”

“But especially her,” he said.

Reginald paused, realizing. “You almost sound jealous, Bonesy.”

The barked laugh he gave was comical to Reginald. He never saw Bones like this. “Jealous, good one Reggie. You know damn well that’s not it.”

“So you want me to find another woman to watch.”

“Why a woman?”

Why a woman? “I’m not watching a man,” Reginald said, wondering where Bones head was.

“Why do you suddenly need to watch people? It’s kind of strange, don’t you think?”

Reginald paused and took a breath, mostly to give Bones a moment to hear how stupid his line of questioning was, given how strange everything was about him!

“I mean why her, why not look around? You don’t just settle that quick on something like this.”

The vehemence in his tone reminded Reginald of his need to go carefully. A man couldn’t possibly have that much hate without some kind of just cause. “Fine, Bones. I’ll look around.”

“No you won’t,” Bones muttered.

“If I say I’ll look around, I mean it.” Reginald waited again for his approval. All of this was pointless if he didn’t have his cooperation. He’d get Bones closer to normal things through observation at least, but he wanted him fully aware that was Reginald’s plan and tactic. He’d not trick him into it, but he wasn’t above harmless coercing and indirect persuasion either.

“Six weeks,” Bones muttered.

“Six weeks what?”

“To look around,” Bones hissed.

“Fine, six months.”

“I said weeks.”

“Fine, six years.”

He felt Bones staring at him. “What are you doing? Is this psychobabble?”

Reginald laughed a little. “Maybe it’s just joking.”

“Maybe it’s not funny. Maybe this is more serious than you get.”

“Well, it’s hard to get when I don’t know it,” Reginald said.

“And you don’t need to know. You can take my word for it.”

“Sure I can,” Reginald shook his head at Bones’ stubborness.

“You damn well can. And you damn well need to.”

“Well, are we damn well done here? Can I damn well finish hooking the cameras up?”

“Sure,” he said, raising both his hands like he wasn’t going to be responsible for the damage that was damn well coming.

“Thank you Bones. And I would hope you trust me enough to know I will be very careful.”

“It’s not about trust and it’s not about you.”

Reginald nodded as he got to installing the software for the fancy cams he set up near “various” graves.

“This is about that slimy cunt making moves on you and you being the virtuous candidate for being played.”

“Plaaaaayed. You make me sound like an imbecile.”

“Reggie,” Bones said, back to pissed. “You don’t know what’s coming.”

“I know I’m not.”

“You little fuck, you’re going to just play this like it’s nothing, aren’t you.”

“Aaaaand action.” Reginald clicked finalize on the live feed. “Yessssss,” he hissed as the four graves came into view immediately. “Look at that, it’s crystal clear!”

“Yeah, amazing,” Bones said.

“Stop freaking out, Bones. I’m just using your eyeballs.” He zoomed in on the grave of interest. “Unless you want to let me take your dick for a spin at some point.”

“At no point are you doing that, Reggie boy.”

“I know,” he said lightly.

“You sound like you think that could change.”

Reginald shrugged. “Maybe you’re a paranoid, cynical bastard.” At Bones’ silence, Reginald chuckled. “But I do love you, Bones. I would never do anything to hurt you.” Reginald focused on Bones reaction to that, hoping he believed him.

“And for the fucking record, I do trust you,” he muttered.

Reginald smiled a little at hearing it. At hearing that Bones cared that he knew that. “Good. You damn well should trust me.”

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