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Bones knew there was something about the page that Reggie opened. Something … problematic. He wanted very badly to say bad but he’d agreed to drop the negative routine.

At realizing they were in a type of chat room, Bones fought his response, not wanting to get questioned over a racing pulse. It would be hard to pass it off on Reginald who only gave several docile hmmm … hmmms so far. There was a time Bones thought Reginald hid his true feelings but he learned it just wasn’t his characteristic. Reginald had nothing to hide while Bones hid everything. 

Reginald navigated to the members list and his pointer raced over the profile images. He suddenly jolted in his chair, startling Bones.  “SHIT! THAT’S HER,he nearly yelled. “Oh wow,” he whispered giddily. “Her name is Cinnamon! Cinnamon Wrols. How cute!”

It’s an alias, I’m sure. The detail he needed Reginald discovering was how she contributed to a site like this? As staff or psychotic patron?

I know its an alias, goof! It’s still cute.”

Why name yourself after a dessert on a site with a bunch of hungry lunatics?

“Well if their fetishes and psychosis are food related, I could see the danger.

Many people have food fetishes that are part of a dangerous sickness. Bones was sure there was plenty of data to back that up, too.

Reginald clicked her name and that’s when it happened, that’s when Bones knew the reason for the bad feeling even if he had no way to prove it was bad. Yet. “Holy hell Bones, she’s got her bachelors in psychology!” He whisper-gasped through her academic qualifications until Bones felt like an alien in his own body. He watched Reginald open the desk drawer and pull out his red hot candies. Bones smirked in disgust as he dumped a shit load in his mouth. It was beyond annoying how Reginald never bothered to check if Bones liked them. He did that with everything, he just shoveled whatever he waned into their body, fuck what Bones might like or want.

“I need to join this!” he said around loud sucks.

No, you don’t.

“What? Why not?” He leaned and squinted at the screen.

Because …  Bones fought to think of a good answer. Can we look around first? What if she recognizes you?

“Who said I have to put my real name or picture? I doubt anybody here does. Except maybe this guy, Darth Vader.” He laughed at his joke and clicked the create an account button.

Why should I contribute when everything I suggest is shot down? 

Reginald paused then sat back with a light sigh. “Fine. I’ll compromise since you’re playing nice. We can start classes with a little bit of healthy stalking.”

Right, healthy stalking. That wasn’t the least bit psychotically enabling. They both studied the pages, both  scavenging for that reason–Bones to shut it down cold– Reginald to make it burn hard.

“She’s very active,” Reginald mused.

Bones averted his gaze from the show all users posts button, hoping Reginald would miss it.

“Oh, look, we can see all her posts!” he whispered happily.

This was bad, this was way bad and going way too fast. Bones retreated a little, feeling the wrong kind of pressure coming on.

“Don’t check out on me Bones!”

You don’t need me for this.

“Yes!” he cried, “You said you’d help!”

For what, you’re just stalking. Like a fucking psycho.

“Help me stalk then!”

God, he was ridiculous. He hated when he begged too, it made his inner skin crawl, made him need to check if balls still hung between his legs.  Fine.

Fine,” he mocked in a small voice. “Did I ever tell you that I hate when you say that?”


“And that too. Wuuuutever. Oh look,” he whispered. “She started this discussion. What are some of your triggers? Wow,” Reginald said as they both read now. “Look at all these people talking so openly!”

Before Bones could stop it, he became engrossed in some of the responses. Jacking off is his trigger?

Reginald gave a chuckle. “Right? Wow, look at this one. Dripping water.”

Nose picking.

“Car horns!”

Check out Dark Reaper, Bones said, a cold feeling crawling over him.

“Ohhhhh, a woman’s mooooans,” Reginald said with a diabolical tone.

Bones waited for him to see her reply.

“Look at her reply,” Reginald whispered, his voice going shrilly. “What kind of moans.”

I find it odd that she’d ask that.

“Oh, come on,” Reginald said. “She’s engaging. Oh, look what ole Dark Reaper said. The kind of moans you make when it feels good.”

That’s a pick up line, not a trigger. And she’s picking right up.

“She’s digging,” Reginald defended. “See, look what she says. So you don’t like when a woman feels good? I love how open and direct she is.”

And look where that led him.

“Uh oh. His next comment was removed. He got out of line.” He dumped more red hots in his mouth. “It’s really not surprising since that’s what this place seems to be catered to.”

If it caters to people getting out of line, then it’s not a good place.

“I don’t mean cater to them getting out of line, silly,” he mumbled around the candy. “I mean cater to the kinds of people that do get out of line. In life,” he explained.

Bones continued to peruse the pages with Reginald, the race to find supporting evidence for their arguments in high gear now.

She seems to flirt a lot.

She’s a therapist, she’s taught to engage.”

Is it me or does she mostly engage the males?

“It’s you.”

Are you sure? 

“Are you serious?” Reginald clicked the members list. “Ah see, much more males than females here.”

Why would she pick a site with that ratio?

“I’m sure she didn’t even look at that.”

I’m sure she did, her profession teaches her how to profile.

“People, not sites!”

She’d have looked at the members before joining, Reggie. I’m sure of it.

“Well, maybe she’s not good at what she does,” Reginald whispered, his shoulders up like a stubborn mule. “Maybe she’s new at the hands on therapy stuff like we are.”

Bones bit his tongue on no, like you, not we. But it would earn him another “you’re not pulling your weight in our healing” lecture.

She seems to really like that Dr.

You noticed that too,” he said, sounding impressed. But of course he’d miss the obvious.

She is definitely flirting with him, Bone’s said, going for direct.

“What?! How do you get that?”

Look how many times she laughs. 

“Oh my God, are you joking?”

Bone’s quickly read through their exchanges. She likes him. And I bet she thinks he’s really a doctor too.

“And why would you think he isn’t?” Reginald challenged.

Because no doctor would ask a woman that.

“Ask a woman what?”

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