Solomon and Chaos are back!

Desecrating Solomon III vengeance Lucian BaneThere was something in Grandmother’s tone that caused her

blood to tingle and her fingers to scrape along the grate in agitation.

Tell me

she wanted to say but she couldn’t get the words out. She only waited for it with her eyes closed, knowing it would bring a big change inside her.

“Your mother …” Grandmother began in a shaky whisper. “I have to
tell you about your mother.”

Her heart began to hammer in her chest.

“Promise me you will forgive me for not telling you the truth,” the old woman said with an agony that burned through Chaos.

“I promise,” she gasped, knowing she would no matter what. Whatever it was, it wasn’t Grandmother’s fault.

“Your mother was a very good girl,” she strained around her sorrow and pain. “She was … my daughter,” she choked out bitterly. “And I gave her… to that monster,” she said on a wail.

Gave her?

“I gave her to him,” she went on, her words barely audible. “And he ruined her, he ruined her and he hurt her and he used her and I let him.

The bitter sobs that followed made Chaos’s breath come faster. “Grandmother, it’s okay please, shhhhh.”

“You don’t understand child!” she went on. “You are his daughter! You were supposed to be sacrificed at birth but she fell in love with you,” she sobbed openly now. “She was a good mother. She tried to run, she tried to save you and he killed her!” she screamed. “He cut you from her body and killed her and he said he would use you, he would make sure to honor her sacrifice and raise you up to end the curse!”

Grandmother screamed in agony, like it was happening all over again and she were watching, seeing it. “Grandmother!” Chaos cried back, no longer caring who heard. “Grandmother!”

“Run!” she screamed. “Run Chaos, don’t let her death be for nothing, run! Run for her! Run run ruuuuuuuuuuuun for your mother!”

Something hot exploded inside and Chaos took off down the tunnel, obeying the strangled roar that still tore out of her Grandmother. The strange power flooded her body with its directive and she could only obey it. What it was, she didn’t know, until she bursts out of the tunnels and ran for the forest.

It was her mother. The thing inside was her mother.

Chaos was there, with her mother. That night she ran with her in her womb. Her beautiful mother swollen with child, running. Running through these very trees for her life, her baby’s life and freedom. But she couldn’t run fast, she wasn’t able, oh God, she wasn’t able!

Chaos heard it behind her, they were coming. The hell dogs were coming for her, just like they had for her mother that night.

That energy in her blood seeped into her muscles and bones and Chaos’s legs pumped faster. She ran harder. She ran for the baby inside her mother, for her little girl, Promise, and for sweet little Chosen. For Silence and Chaos. She ran for their salvation.

This had been her purpose all along, its truth pumped through every beat of her pounding heart as she fled. To Run! Run for help. Run with all her might until she escaped the dark and reached the light. Until she reached Solomon Gorge.

“Solomon Gorge!” she screamed as she tore through the dark woods.  “Solomon


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    I usually refer to males as the more dominant and females as the more submissive. The intention is NOT to say that ALL relationships should fit that pattern. My relationship experience is with male dominant, female submissive arrangements and that is the only sort of relationship I have firsthand knowledge about.