Sweet Strength -review by Crystal

on March 2, 2017sweet strength


Holy mother of all things Bones! First off I need to say that I am so in love with this series I just can’t even come up with enough words. There aren’t enough words to express the emotions I went through! I seriously could not put this one down! I am just shaking with excitement as I run through everything in my mind! DO NOT MISS THIS SERIES! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS ONE! Lucian you are an evil mastermind genius and I can not put into words how this story has effected me on so many levels. Thank you for bringing your stories to the pages so I can be a part of them! Seriously X is freaking amazing ! Bones is the sexy man of all things dark and brooding and freaking sweet as all hell! And freaking Winter is perfect! She’s so relatable and amazingly strong! Seriously though she is so amazing and loving and would do anything for the man she loves! Oh I just can’t get enough!
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