Poe’s Serving Pancakes

  Coming Tomorrow DARK MUSE RIDER Poe is Serving up Pancakes! Here’s Another Hot Snippet To Wet Your Appetite. Want more sign up here: bit.ly/1Mx4PdA So she wasn’t so good at being submissive in real life. Dammit. But what he was doing was tormenting, not the kind of pain she wanted. Guess that was his soft pain. She wasn’t sure, and that was the other problem. She wanted to know what his hard pain was. It had better be actually hard. And making her halfway suck his cock was not hard. Not hardly. She’d have to speak to him about this … Continue reading

  • Note:

    I usually refer to males as the more dominant and females as the more submissive. The intention is NOT to say that ALL relationships should fit that pattern. My relationship experience is with male dominant, female submissive arrangements and that is the only sort of relationship I have firsthand knowledge about.