The Burning Bush

So, my friend tells me, “The bush is on fire and so we packed the car to leave just in case.”

My first visual is this
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Not This

And I wonder why are you leaving because there’s a bush burning? Unless it’s like The Burning Bush and then I’d get why they were packing the car and leaving.

Then I remembered she’s from “Down Under” crocodile-dundee-paul-hogan-b

Anyway, as you all know I suck at following through with blog commitments. But, keep trying is my motto. Plow forward. Which brings me to the time change that happened today.

Before I lost an hour, I gained two.

Everything I do is “ahead” My drive is “plow ahead”, my focus is things in “front” of me, my steps are “forward”, my momentum is full speed in the “forward” motion.

So, to fall “back” never entered my mind even when the words did. My brain put me an hour “forward” because I’m “falling, diving, racing, flying, forward” in life.

Before I lost an hour, for a few precious minutes, I gained two (since I went in the opposite direction). And then my wife happened along and welcomed me back to reality with endless bubbly laughter, on and on and on with it. I have to say, that I don’t mind basking in the dim light of stupidity if her joyous laughter is my payment/expense.

Here’s to gaining two hours and losing one within a few minutes time. leo


On other news…. I would tell you to wait at the edge of your seat for upcoming big news that I’m about to announce, but that would be baiting you like a fisherhman. Catfisherman even. I happen to hate catfish but I do love wicked witches who drop bread crumbs in the woods for nosy little children to follow after. But that’s not what I’m doing here. 🙂 Whatever you do, don’t waste your time checking my page daily for the news that’s coming that I can’t wait to announce.

While you’re here, don’t go poking around too much, we’re still “fixing” stuff. That means stay out of my rooms, I’m naked. (anticipates a spike of hits on all my pages in my blog) Just remember, WordPress tracks all of that. It even tells me what profiles checked which pages.  It works by screen shots through your IP. It just took a pic of your “oh shit” face too while you’re reading this. It just took another of you looking at your camera on your device to make sure it’s off hahaha. OMG kidding, stop freaking out you paranoid ho-junkie! Would be bad-ass if it did all that. Be bad and be yo ass if it did hahaha.

Okay, over and out my children. Go easy on the kool-aid, no gulping it down. Just sip it.

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5 Responses to The Burning Bush

  1. Yvette Grimes says:

    Haha! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Joann says:


  3. Nan Lindsey says:


  4. Juliette Tai says:

    Oh how I miss these random posts of yours! Keep ’em coming, Mr. B. Glad to hear Tara and her laughter brings you back, and brings good cheer 🙂

  5. Andrea W says:

    Funny …. I think someone has been at the chocolate covered coffee beans swallowed down with kool aid !

    Glad you can find time to smile 🙂

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