The Next Chapter, a Hangover – review by Nanners

on March 2, 2017
This third installment is SO good. I am left with a huge hangover. Not necessarily a bad hangover. I just cannot get these characters out of my head but, especially my heart. I love Winter and Bones together. I love that they are (accepting) of each other’s baggage, eventually letting the feelings come through to give them both something beautiful. That we as the reader never imagined nor did the characters. But, I am so glad you went there. Even though this is a dark themed book, I loved every minute. As you read, you find that I saw myself in the story with them. Helping giving them Atta boys. Winter pick out clothes, cheering them both on as they clung to each other to make themselves whole. The entire story is twists and turns and you must hang on tight so you don’t throw your Kindle. I cried, I was mad at the injustice of it all, I cheered, I laughed, I was surprised that this happened or that did not happen. And I could not put it down.

Winters green eyes and Bones black eyes are burned into my heart. I find myself hoping today that good things will happen and that any retribution that needs giving is coming in the next installment. I cannot wait to see where this story goes. I have read nearly all of Mr. Bane’s books. His style of writing makes it easy to see yourself in the story. Not that you are a character but, like a fly on the wall watching it all unfold. And, when milestones are made, Bones, making love, Winter, saying No to X, Bones trying so hard to do normal things and be normal, their absolute love and devotion to Reginald is heart wrenching. The best part of all is when Winter says we need to live to be happy and find joy no matter what is going on. Show stopping beautiful!!! If this review could be a standing ovation for you then I hope you feel all that you made your readers, feel. All the feels take you away and they are not easily moved aside. I’m so excited there will be more! This series is OUTSTANDING. right up there in line with The Scribblers Guardian series. I have now read almost all 30 of your books. Congratulations, Mr. Bane. The stories just get better and better. Thank you!
Next chapter PLEASE!
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  1. Nan says:

    wow never imagined mine would make the cut. I have a tutorial that helps me write the review. I always l love them but, articulating it is not so easy! Thank you….

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