Twisted Beautiful Perfection – review by louise

Reginald Bones 3
Holy head swinging,well I just got knocked sideways!
Breathtaking and emotionally on fire the words that flowed through this book just grab you insanely hard,the love the anger the world being out of your control is almost to much to handle but you hold on to each and every word.
The touch the feel the emotion that breaks into your heart is surreal but you want more.
You can feel yourself in the depths of these people’s souls and minds and there darkness and light to the point of them being alive and apart of you. It’s crazy a book can make you feel so much!
The hints of real day to day struggles shine through that you may feel or have gone through,are hidden they latch on to you and gives you a sense of calm because we are all a little nuts or crazy in our own ways.

(When you read this entire series,you will go,hey I know what she means).

I think the balance of dark and light compliment each other perfectly throughout the entire series.

Arggggggh my freaking heart is going to explode this author left me screaming and begging for more!

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