Waiting and Wanting the Moment Reginald Bones 1 Ended – review by Lisa Marie

on January 27, 2017

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I had been waiting for this book since about 6 seconds after I finished reading the first one. Reginald Bones part one started a story that sucked you in but then left you clinging to the cliff with ragged bloody fingernails. Luckily for me, and everyone else, Lucian Bane drops you off the precipice with sadistic glee but then sends down a lifeline quickly enough.

In part two, Bane really digs into the meat and bones (pun intended) of the Reggie, Winter and Bones relationship. Winter, who has decided that dying is no longer the answer, is determined to find the true heart of the man that she has come to love. She desperately wants to unlock the secrets behind the two personalities that make up Reginald Bones but finds only more questions. Reginald and Bones, the two sides to this broken, highly intriguing character, become more and more unstable as the bond between themselves and Winter develops.

Lucian has woven a eerie, amazingly intricate figure with Reginald & Bones. At times rational and protective, at times scary and threatening the personalities are distinct but delicately intertwined. The voice of each personality comes and goes with a fluidity that had to be as difficult to write as it is for Winter to keep straight. Throughout, Bane lithely leads you down the rabbit hole that is the mind of this character with all its twists and turns. And just when you are sure you know where the story is going you will turn the page only to realize that Lucian has changed the path you are on.

A bit of caution; this book is definitely not for the faint of heart as Mr. Bane has cranked up the heat to full blast with this book. Reginald Bones 2 takes its erotic play seriously, there will be blushing and sliding off seats. Though you will find that the sex is more than merely physical as it reaches into the minds of these characters and forces their personal truths closer to the surface.

There is a reason why this is one of my favorite authors. Lucian Bane’s books are never formulaic or trite. There is always more simmering beneath the surface and his characters, these especially, sink their hooks in you. If you like your stories dark, touching, twisted, and engaging…..then Reginald Bones is for you.

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