What’s to Come? – review by Wendy

on March 18, 2017

The complexity that is Reginald Bones has just gone around the bend and elevated the intensity of this series! Lucian’s ingeniousness continues and has me on the precipice of losing my mind!! Undeniably one of the most outstanding series I have read!

An unknown enigmatic personality, “The Executioner” X-for short, has emerged and Reginald is still AWOL. X knows secrets and has information that could be crucial to Bones’ well being and fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle. He is aggressive and intimidating, but unlike Reggie, X is only ever present when Bones is asleep. He has an agenda and enlists Winters help in return for information to Bones’ past.

Bones and Winter start to explore their relationship all while trying to find answers to his past and successively bring Reggie back. The amiability and tenderness that Bones exhibits towards Winter is heartwarming and shows traits of Reginald’s personality. I am in the opinion that both Winter and Bones are cut from the same cloth, both assuming that they are unworthy of any goodness; brought together by one another’s tragedy.

X could very well be the x-factor in this story, having the most significant impact on the outcome of Bones’ sanity. He is the most authoritative and knowledgeable of what lurks in the dark recesses of Bones’ mind.

Will Reginald reappear? Will Winter and Bones sustain the demands of X? What are the Executioner’s intentions and can he harm or take Bones from Winter? What will they find when they uncover Bones’ past? Will we be introduced to more identities or will Bones overcome this disorder? So many questions and so many uncertainties.

Buckle Up Buttercup things could get rocky!!

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